Moonbase 1

In an alternate universe in the year 2015, one of the moonbases has been put in a life-endangering situation. The base had been heavily damaged from mining operations for alternative fuel sources. The current crew were worried that neither of them were going to survive the danger ahead.

“We’re going to pass out if we don’t get this right,” stated the engineer. They were sweating and their hearts were beating faster and faster. However,  they simply had to fix the base with tools and parts from a resupply module launched five days before.

The crew, feeling worried, started walking on the sea of sodium and graphite, heading to the modules. They felt as if they needed help before they started.

They soon restocked the food and water they needed to survive. “That will help for the next crew,” said the engineer. They needed to fix the Communication Array. That was the hardest object to fix on the base. It was hard work. “This is going to take hours,” said the engineer.

The base was in running order once the crew fixed the Communication Array. “Houston, we’ve fixed the problem,” stated the Mission Commander. Houston was relieved to hear that message.

The crew could hopefully now survive for a while and they were happy to be alive for another few hours in their external walk. They hoped the return home would go well, though. The crew desperately needed help to get back, so a landing capsule had to be prepared to take off from its launch site. Also, they had to dock to something with both a parachute and fuel to take them home.

Then, they remembered the Orion Module connected to the Armstrong station, orbiting 15,000 metres above them. The crew lifted off and retired to the space station. It was two minutes in zero-gravity before the crew could dock to the station.

“I’m slightly dizzy,” said the engineer.

Only one problem. There was little-to-no fuel in the tanks. They had only a few seconds of fuel left, so they had to think fast. They eventually made it to the station, luckily, with fuel to spare. The crew entered the Orion Module docked to the station. Capsule Com and Flight Com granted return to Earth.

“You are free to return to Earth.”

It took 3 days and 16 hours to return home.

The rest of the mission, except for conserving fuel in re-entry manoeuvres, was uneventful. As soon as the frogmen lifted them onto the aircraft carrier, the crew caught their jet home. Their families were happy to see them again. They were joyous to see their families, too.

Narrative 1 2 3

Pancake jumped the cliff and took his portable snowboard out of his pocket and took it for a spin. ‘I think I got away from those sphinx. Now to make a little cave out of the snow’. ‘Ok now to get some wood for the fire and some fish’.

Later Pancake woke up and saw a glowing hole and walked up to it and fell in. Whoosh!. Were am I and what is that it’s a a a it’s a T-REX. And it has got the sphinx leader Zodiac. Said Pancake in shock.

Pancake ran into the bushes ouch! Come quickly run to my cave and I’ll chase them away. Said a voice. Under the bush. “It sounded like my oner” said Pancake. !GO!.18mins later. “Ok” who are you. Pancake danger. And you are. Cookie Andrew. Are you Hungary pancake?said cookie.yes!yes!yes!YES!!!. I’ll make some “Beef curry”, and while you make that I’ll make a time travel car to send us back to 3099 dec 31st 12mins and 37sec.

It was the best beef curry I have ever tasted. Let’s go back to 2017 ok. Bang!who is that?said pancake. It’s Jackson the kangaroo. Hallo I can take you guys home. Let’s take the blue,black and purple sports 400km car. We are finely home and we can see all of our family again.

Tiger report

Tigers have reddish-orange fur with black stripes. Tigers have very sharp claws. The scientific name is panther tigris. They live in russia and china. Bengal tiger cubs practice important survival skills by play fighting together. Tiger cubs leave their mother when they are around 2 years of age.

Where it lives;
Tigers live in grass land forest also tigers live tigers live in Asia, India, Burma, Russia, China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam.

There enemies are deers and humans. Many subspecies of the tiger are either endangered or already extinct. Humans are the primary cause of this through hunting and the destruction of habitats.
What It Eats:
Tigers eat large mammals and buffalos, deers, pigs, wild boar, water buffalos, moose, cows, horses, and goats.

It Life Cycle:
A tiger can live up to 20 years. The family name is Felidae. Is a mammal the scientific name is Panther. Tigris wait until dark to hunt small prey is usually killed when the tiger break its neck.

Tigers Body
The tigers can reach a length of up to 3.3 meters 11 feet and weigh as much as 300 kilograms 660 pounds. The tiger is slower then a cat 40mph. The tiger is shorter then a school bus. Tigers have reddish-orange fur with black stripes. Tigers have sharp claws and teeth.

The tiger is the biggest species of the cat family. Tigers can easily jump over 5 meters in length. There are more tigers held privately as pets than there are in the wild. Tigers that breed with lions give birth to hybrids known as tigons and ligers.

The Anaconda


The Anaconda are the most dangers snake in the word.They can be even as dangers as a shark when there angry or hungry.The Anacondas are a rear species.When tourist come to see the Anacondas they some times attack the tourist but that normally dos not attack


The Anaconda are normally fanned in south america in freshwater were green weeds.Anaconda blend in with the water so then people can not see the Anacondas.Anaconda go out at night to find food.


The Anacondas eats all cinder for food.It eat food in water and in land they ushily eat Carnivore,Jaguars,Caiman,Capybaras, Fish,Turtles,Birds.The Anaconda is like us people they have breakfast and dinner and some times the Anaconda  has lunch.

Anacondas Body.

The Anaconda has got not many bones so it can silk throw leaves on the ground with out making much sound.The Anaconda is none to be the digest snack in the world.The Anaconda weight up to 550pounds and it length is 30 feet long.

It’s life cycle

The Anaconda can live up to ten years on its onion.The Anaconda can live up  to five days with out any food or water.When the Anaconda is Dorm it’s mother and father leave it to live on it’s own.When the Anacondas are see in a group they are called Boiled


The Anacondas enemies other Anacondas and there other enemies are Lion,Hunters and Tasmanian Devils.The Tasmanian Devils and Lions normally eat the Anaconda but some times the Anaconda runs away or it stays and fight.The Anacondas potation.The anaconda uses its tale as a defend because the Anaconda tail grads it’s pray and krises it until it stops breathing.The Anaconda uses its moth to swallow small enemies.

The Anacondas is one of the most dangers animal on land.Anacondas like to live near farms because the Anacondas normally find food at farms.Anacondas like to go in karma water.When the water is ruff the Anacondas go on land until the water is karma.Then the Anaconda goes out and hunts.The Anacondas some times attacks people in the water swimming at night because at night the people can not see the anacondas when they attack.