Child Labour Past and Presant

Child Labour – Past and Present


Today 30/7/2014 I Read a Story about Child Labour and felt

sad that Children as young as four were working During the Industrial

Revolution in Caves and Factories. I was Shocked that in England and

Scotland 2/3 of the worker working in Factories and Mines were called

kids and that parents sold there own children to pay of there bills or

buy groceries to feed the rest of the family.  All though they will only

get $20 to $70 dollars.

Swimming recount

We started swimming on Monday at Noarlunga Swimming Centre, we got into our groups. I was yellow with Calem, Cody, Ajay, Blake and Taylen. We tested our swimming with freestyle with no breathing or bubbles.

On Tuesday my mum came to swimming to watch me swim. I became more confident, where I tried more activities, like snorkelling and breathing under the water with the snorkel.

On Wednesday I became more confident with other activities, accept water polo, because I was afraid of the deep end.

On Thursday mum and Riley came to swimming. Today we went in the rubber boat but this was a challenge because we had to put life jackets on. Then we hopped in the water. Then we had to get in the boat from the water and it was hard.

Solar Energy

Q1) What ways can we use solar energy in our homes?

A1) Solar indoor lights. You can burn up a lot of expensive energy using regular lights inside your home.

Outdoor lights. You use solar energy to power your landscaping lights. The solar cells located on the top of the lights gather energy from the sun and store it in small batteries inside lights. At night, the batteries power the lights.

Q2) How are solar panels made?

A2) Crystalline silicon can come from one of two sources. Silicon can be melted, and poured into a block mold to be cooled and sliced. This type of crystalline silicon is called polycrystalline.

Q3) Can Solar Energy be used at night? Explain how.

A3) Solar Energy can be used at night, if you got a big battery for a solar panel. A big battery for a solar panel is used for storing energy from the sun to use the energy at night.

Q4) Describe the solar energy flowchart as best you can outlining how Solar Energy works?

A4) The sun shines on the Solar Panel(s) and collects the energy from the sun, which is collected to your electric panel, what goes to your building and your Electric Meter.

Q5) What do you believe that Solar Energy is “renewable”?

A5) I believe that Solar Energy is renewable because the sun’s rays will never run out. There will be a constant supply of it in our lifetime. Solar Energy is free, clean (no carbon dioxide pollution).

Solar future

1) What ways can we use solar Energy in our homes? Solar energy can power our TV also air conditioner and heaters.

2) How are solar panels made?
Solar panels are made up of silicon,

3) Can solar energy be used at night? explain how.
There is a big batty what takes power of the solar panels to power up the house.

4)Bescrible the solar energy flowchart as best you can outlining hows solar energy works?
The sun shines on the solar panels put in a electric panels what go to the building.

5) why do you believe that solar energy is renewable?
Solar energy is renewable because the sun never run out.