Lucy’s Bay

Lucy’s Bay


The book Lucy’s Bay is written by Gray Crew and illustrated by Gregory Rogers.


Lucy’s Bay is about a boy called Sam that boy goes to a little shack every summer that his grandpa owns, near the beach. Sam is scared of the beach because he cannot help but feel guilty for her sister’s death because he turned his back on her in the ocean and Lucy was nowhere to be found.

Sam goes on a journey to where his younger sister dies. He thinks to himself that he is not afraid any more. The reason Sam was scared in the first place is due to the many bad memories of Lucy’s death. Sam was scared of Lucy’s bay.


I thought the sites in Lucy’s Bay were beautiful the red rocks the tea trees all the sites the moon light in the night sky. However Sam does not think they are so beautiful because he has bad memories of the place Lucy’s bay.


I was surprised with this book because I did not think it was going to be about what it is about. I made a prediction that his mum and dad and Sam were going to walk along a beach and see a bay, and that bay meant so much to them because they named it an then they decide one day to swim out to it and they get torn a part by the, current and they find each other again.



Over all I would recommend the book the author wrote this book differently he put more detail into this book then most books, like a lot of children books they don’t have an awful amount of detail but Lucy’s bay does have an awful amount of detail, instead of saying the windows the author wrote “ his eyes still fixed on the salt-streaked window” it is a very detailed book so I would recommend it.

Lucy’s Bay Response

Lucy’s bay is a book about a boy named Sam and his acceptance with the death of his dear sister Lucy who partially to his own fault had died years before. Lucy’s bay is written by Gary Crew and was illustrated by Gregory Rogers. Lucy’s Bay is  quite sad and emotional, but still has happiness near the end and has a dash of excitement.



Lucy’s Bay is a quite simple book to understand but uses the words to add new meanings to the sentences themselves. The books story is easy to follow but complex at core. I enjoyed it thoroughly but found spots where i lost interest. I wished they had done some things and wished they had cut out others.



The story is about a boy named Sam and the way he accepts the death of his little sister Lucy who died to partial fault of his. He and his mum and dad along with Lucy were swimming in a pool near the ocean when mum and dad had said it was time to leave, sam said leave him and lucy for he will take care of her and it was only shallow. But when Sam got bored of doing what Lucy wanted he walked away and when he turned back around to check on Lucy, she was not there, only the sea. This is why he had never gone back to that shallow pool that he and his poppa now know as Lucy’s bay. But every night at his Poppa’s beach shack he heard the wind howling and saying “Here Sam, here.” and one night he couldn’t ignore it and the next day he decided to go back to the place. He walks past the forest of tea trees and up to the red cliffs and he goes beyond to Lucy’s bay where a lone palm stands and under the sand by the base of the palm is a marble stone engraved with simply “Lucy”. Sam spends a little time down there thinking about things, like “Was it really my fault?” and “Could i of prevented it?” He says sorry but the author didn’t include it in the book. The book ended with a simple picture of Sam walking along the beach. The final pages text is about what Sam thinks. Roughly it says, “And now for the first time ever, Sam wonders whats beyond Lucy’s Bay.”



The author Gary Crew did well to get his story across. The story is well written with little to no mistakes in the text. It was enjoyable to listen to and read but i enjoyed it more when i read it by myself. The author used a style of writing that is always used for stories but made it more detailed by using a lot adjectives.


Gregory Rogers illustrated the book well for i enjoyed the the art style and the pictures drawn and painted. he illustrated the picture well. the book was illustrated seamlessly and i would read other books illustrated by Gregory Rogers if i only knew about them. i praise Gregory Rogers for he set the mood with pictures well and i enjoyed reading the book and looking at the pictures.



My opinion on the book is that it is good and enjoyable and a meaningful story. I would read other books like it for it stirred my emotions. I will hopefully read others by the author and the illustrator. I loved the way it stirred my emotions all of them, one at a time, so at one time i was sad and another i was happy.



I got quite emotional during the book for i felt for Sam for i haven’t ever lost a sibling but i have lost dear family members that were extremely close to me. I can not even imagine the pain of losing a sibling. So in conclusion the book was sad and happy, i enjoyed the book thoroughly for i enjoy a book that stirs my emotions.

Life On Board The Convicts Ships

1) what was a typical day on board the ship and in Australia?
The convicts stayed down in the cabins for most of the day and were only let out for 30 mins. The convicts only got vegetables that were out of date and same as the fruit. The meat had heaps of salt on it so it didn’t get rotten. If you had a baby on the ships the convicts would pull them out by their head and using their hands and forceps. The convicts would get hit by a cat o’ nine tails 50 times or 300 times. It tears through their skin. They would probably die

2) What are were the daily routines on board the convict ships and in Australia ?
The daily routine was getting up at 4 o,clock in the morning and going outside in summer 6 days a week with no shower and no air con. They had to build the house out of wood which the convicts had to cut down to build their house and they had to farm for wheat and food.

3) What do the routines tell us about the conditions on board the ships?
On the ship in the rooms you had to share a bed between 3 to 4 people. The beds were made out of hay and the bed might have bed bugs or spiders so they would get itchy when they woke up in the morning. Their was cuck

Australian History

Q1) How is the landing of the First Fleet described in the video?

The video tells us that the Aboriginals did not like the Europeans because they came to take over the Aboriginals land. When the Europeans came the Aboriginals thought they were possums climbing up the pole of the ship. The Aboriginals wonded what the Europeans where wearing because the Aboriginals did not have cloths, funny hats. The Europeans had guns and ships which the Aboriginals had never seen before. The Aborigines thought the Europeans where spirits , so the Aboriginals said “go away.”

Q2) What do the videos tell you about the contact between the First Fleet settlers and Aboriginal people?

The Aboriginals wanted to make peace with the Europeans by dancing. The Europeans still did not like the Aboriginals so the Europeans started to steal more of the Aboriginals land. The Aboriginals wanted to be friends with the Europeans but the Europeans did not want to be friends.